Anthony Bilardi Studios VillainsAnthony Bilardi Studios WikiaAnthony Studios Villains
Anthony studios villains defeatApeBat Dog
BearBlack BirdBlack Cat
Black DragonBlack ManBlack Penguin
Black SharkBlue Crocodile and Green CrocodileBlue Dog
Blue DragonBlue Madame MimBlue Monkey
Blue RhinoBlue SnakeBob The Tomato
Boss FrogBrown ApeBrown Bear
Brown Big BearBrown CowBrown Heart Monkey
Brown HorseBrown ManBrown Monkey
Brown SnakeBrown SquarrelBrown Wolf
BuzzCaptain HookCat in the Hat
CoachmanCowCruella Devil
Davy JonesDisney villains defeatDog
Double green monsterEdgarEvil Anthony
Evil Blue SnakeEvil QueenFrankensarley
FranknclesteinGastonGaston Mickey Mouse
GraffeGray BearGray Bunny
Gray CatGray Dinosaur VutureGray Dolphin
Gray ElephantGray KittenGray Long Neck
Gray OctopusGray RatGray Skinny Dolphin
Gray Trex DinosaurGreen DinosaurGreen Frog
Green Green CrocodileGreen ManGreen Monster
Green OctopusGreen RabbitGreen Snake 3
Green SpiderGreen Spike DinosaurGreen Trex
Green TurtleGreen small turtleGrinch
HadesHades the Green DinosaurHeadless Horseman
HefflaumpsHench Green ManHonest John and Gideon
Jafar FoxJunior's MomKaa
Lady TremaineLarry The CucumberLight Brown Bear
Light Green CrocodileLionList of Anthony Villains
Live ActionLoraxMadam Mim
MaleficentMickey MouseMonstro The Whale
Mr WinkieOld BearOnce Upon a book
Oozie and MannyOrange FoxOrange Lizard
Orange MonkeyOrange Snake and Green SnakeOrange Tiger
PigPrince JohnPurple Crocodile
Purple Dinosaur Purple horn Dinosaur and Green Trex DinosaurPurple OctopusPurple Octopus 2nd
Queen of heartsRed LobsterRed Robot
ScallionsShere KhanShere Khan the Orange Snake
Si and AmSmall Club BearSnake Head
Snake HookStinky PeteStrong Man
Stuff Animals DefeatUrsulaUrsula the Green Crocodile
VoldmortWhite BearWhite Bear Hunter
White BunnyWhite CatWhite Dog
White ManWhite Small DogWhite Stuffy Bear
White TigerWitchWoozles
Yelllow LionYellow DogYellow Duck
Yellow LionZebraZerg

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